Know your Bobcat

Every year regardless of group we must remember our Bobcat. Be sure you finish all requirements regarding to safety as well as learning the Promise, Law and what Webelos stands for (There is not such thing as a Webelo).

Calling all Recruiters

Attention to all scouts we are looking at a promising year for new recruits, our recruitment drive so far has been successful and some of our boys have gone out and got friends to give scouting a try.  Let's thank them for this and present them with a Recruiter Patch.  We encourage all boys to share scouting with their friends, for any boy who brings a friend into the pack they will earn their recruiter patch and other incentives.  Have a friend join today!!!


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TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Come join us on Sunday September 15th and the Trachsville Church Pavilion 6:00 PM sharp as we kick off this new year with games, skits, campfires, stories and much much more.  Looking forward to see you all there.  If you have any questions feel free to leave us a message in our Contact Us Section.

Pack 209 and the Quest for the Holy Quail

Our fearless scouts who ventured into the lands of Akela set out on a mission to find the Holy Quail and did they ever!  They endured pouring rain, searing heat, hiked many a trail, craft many an object and came out victorious.  What an exciting year we had at camp, not to mention the fun we had sitting around the campfire, fishing, swimming and much more.  Looking forward again to next year!!!